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Hi beautiful soul! I would love to see if we're compatible to work together.

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Soul Deep Coffee Chat [30 min, 1:1]

This call is for you if your purpose is trying to come out, but you need the deeper connection to fulfill it; your passions feel fiery, but they don't make sense in the real world.

The goal of this call is to reveal clarity around what it is you really want, what stands in the way, and the shifts that can happen to put you in balance with your desires (and sustain them).

This call is intended for us to get to know each other more and explore whether we're a good match to continue deeper work together.

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Soul Deep Consultation Call [90 min, 1:1]

When we remove blockages and intuitively heal to live from our truth, we become a magnet to everything we desire and inspire those around us to do the same. We recognize more of the beauty and abundance in the world and become better inhabitants in our own bodies and the planet.


This 90 minute consultation call is designed for us to dive deeper into what's holding you up. We'll explore your energetic nature and identify immediate shifts to bring you into more alignment, intuition, and intention. You'll walk away with valuable practices to continue eliciting self-curiosity and solidify your enlightened direction in life.

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Soul Centered You [8 Week, 1:1]

What if you finally let down all your walls to come out of survival mode, start healing your inner child...

And dove all in to release pent up emotions, reconnect with long lost parts of you, and remove blockages keeping you from a life that feels truly You...

To become someone who ease-fully attracts soul-centered relationships, experiences, thoughts, beliefs, and alignment from a clear mind and state of unwavering authenticity.

Soul Centered You is the 8-week blueprint on connecting deeper to yourself so that you can step into more clarity, authentic self-expression & juicy inner power.

A life that feels completely You.

An investment in your holistic being.

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