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Hi! I'm Kate

I am your nature-loving, magic-seeking, so-called guide to a richer life with ourselves and the world around us. Here to help walk that bridge towards a soul-centered you, take you to the front row at a concert, and expand my own healing journey from the mountains of Vermont. Let’s go together.

One of my earliest memories is knowing that I'm meant to be an artist for a living. I've always been drawn to different channels of self expression, and I realized the greatest one of all was living a life that feels truly aligned - creating it from my most natural state. I'm working to gently untangle myself from what stands in between, and along the way, I've been collecting lessons and tools to ground me on this journey to Self that I'm looking forward to sharing with you. Cause it's f-cking hard sometimes. But it's also the most rewarding part of the human journey - and our life becomes a beautiful masterpiece in the process.

I believe the vast majority of us dream of a planet that is healthier, lives that feel fulfilling, and a greater sense of peace and connection with each other & with ourselves. One of my goals is to help you tune within and live from that place of juicy inner power that creates the life of your dreams.

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Some fun facts about me:

1     I love having dance parties in my kitchen. My favorite food is practically any kind of fruit, & the sky is my love language.

2   I grew up in beautiful Vermont, surrounded by mountains and trees and lakes. I believe when we connect with nature, we connect with ourselves.  VT will always be the home base from which I travel from.

3    I'm married to my high school sweetheart and we have two fur lovies: Remi,  our mini black panther, and Cali, our "wolf dog".

4   In Dec '22 I left my job to fully pursue my heart's calling. This decision was one of the easiest to arrive at because I knew my truth - but toughest to execute because it meant letting people down and causing deep heartache on all sides. I had to accept the loss that would come with deviating from the path laid out before me and navigate the shadows that came along with choosing myself. In 2016 I dropped out of college after my first semester, despite preparing my entire academic career for it. If something doesn't feel aligned, I'd rather choose the unbeaten path than invest my time & energy in something I know isn't right for me.

5   I'm currently studying to get my certification as a personal trainer! In 2020 I learned I had Lyme disease and it's been a major pivot in my life; it brought me to the path of healing. I used to wake up in so much pain, with little motivation and energy, and I felt like I the illness was overcoming me. But eventually I decided to alchemize that into the journey I'm on today: gaining a deeper understanding our health, well-being, and inner workings.


Here to find meaning through healing, loving ourselves, connecting with nature, learning, growing, and extending our power to those around us. Ready to go with me? If my story resonates with you, please feel free to shoot me an email or explore how we can work together! I'm currently enrolling clients in my Soul Deep Coffee Chats & Consultation Calls.

to see which one is the right fit!

xx Kate



I'm studying to get my personal training + nutrition coach certifications. Coming in hot!

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